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The studio is within my family home – a 14th century Manor House on the River Stour just outside Canterbury. It is easily reached by road, rail, and Channel Tunnel. It is a wonderfully creative and relaxing location – surrounded by trees, gardens, and water. The studio looks out on to river and lakes.. Reasonably priced village accommodation can be arranged if required. Trains leave London Victoria and arrive at Canterbury East 75 minutes later. The day return fare is about £15.00 – less with a railcard.

Clients arriving by train are met at the station and returned there at the end of the session.

The studio is small(ish) with everything taking place in one area – like a radio studio. There is no glass partition to impede communication. There is also a very large live room (with two grand pianos, guitars, drums etc.) for music and drama recording. The equipment is the best available – Adat 16 track digital multitrack, 4 DAT recorders, 8 track and 4 track analogue tape machines, CD and cassette players, lots of reverbs, echoes, compressors, and mics by Neuman, Sure, AKG, Microtech Gefell, and Octava. I also have 2 CD recorders. For professional clients I can put new or existing recordings into Pro-Tools (the most advanced computer editing system available) and produce very impressive collages of work. I work to what is known as ‘Broadcast Standard’ and most days something of mine is broadcast on radio or television – somewhere in the world.

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