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Specialist Voice-Over Services

Voice-overs are everywhere!I provide a specialist service producing, directing, and recording voice-tapes (wrongly called voice demo tapes) for voice-overs, commercials, narrations, documentaries, book readings, and radio acting. In the early 80s I co-founded the Voice-Over Classes at The Actors Institute in London. I started a complete new industry! One which, unfortunately, contains many voice-over ‘Cowboys’. Be very careful! If you want to make a voice-over tape it is not necessary to have group ‘lessons’ or group ‘preparatory’ sessions. This is just an excuse for getting extra money out of you! Voice work is a very intimate and personal process and you do not want to be worried by what you imagine other people may be thinking of you. I only work on a one-to-one basis with no onlookers. If you are new to voice-overs I will ‘teach’ you as you make your tape. However, I do make a point of speaking to all prospective clients on the ‘phone because I do not take money from those who would clearly be wasting it.

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