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I am (for what it’s worth) a qualified drama teacher (having also studied ‘Roy Hart’ methods), a free-lance commercial and BBC audio producer (record shops currently sell about 20 of my BBC productions – Children’s, Drama, Readings, Relaxation, Spike Milligan and ‘An Evening With Sir Peter Ustinov’), and I also regularly work as a voice-over for BBC Worldwide. Time spent with me is a very good way of getting invaluable ‘studio experience’ whilst having the freedom to make mistakes, experiment, try silly voices, ask questions, and conquer nerves (most people arrive with them)!

My Book – Click Here for more details.

My book and free CD, both called ‘Voice-Overs’ are now available. They are published by A&C Black in London and by Routledge in the USA. They cost £12.99 and it is the first and only British book dealing exclusively and comprehensively with the skills, techniques, and realities of the voice-over world. They have been produced with the full co-operation of some of the biggest brand names, advertising agencies, and voice-over artists in the world and have been endorsed by Martin (Mr Voice-Over) Jarvis.

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