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Specialist Voice-Over Services

If you want to make a booking please remember that I need to talk to you first – no exceptions! Someone very wise once said “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach!” Not wishing to fall into the pit of only ‘teaching’ and not ‘doing’ I remain very active in the voicing, producing, and jingling market. Consequently I can produce, at most, only 2 or 3 tapes per week. Places are limited!

If you would like to arrange a session, or ask questions, please leave me a message on 01227 730843 you will nearly always get the answerphone. I will contact you usually before 10.30am or after 7.30pm.

Or you can Email me for further information by filling in and sending the online form below – the information will go straight to me and be strictly secure and confidential. When you have completed the form Click the Send button once only, Click the Start Again button if you have made a mistake.

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