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A leading casting resource to film, theatre and television companies seeking vetted, experienced and professional UK actors.
The best voice-over site I have ever come across. Contains an astonishing amount of very useful information and advice. The are many links to other sites. This is where you can find out accurate information about voice-over fees in the UK.
The best USA site I have seen. It contains a wealth of information and many useful links to other sites. This is where you can find out about voice-over fees in the USA.
An excellent site containing much useful information and advice. It gives you the chance to hear the showreels of some very successful voice-overs – several produced by me. Have a look at their ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ pages – and then send them a tape, if you dare!
A site where experienced voice-overs, and newcomers, can advertise themselves. contains interesting information and useful contacts.
The site for USA ‘Talent’ Beau Weaver. The site contains good advice for people wanting to work in voice-overs. Mr Weaver is regarded as one of the very best practitioners of the art of self promotion.
The training school for radio presenters – a very interesting site.
One of the best and most visited sites in the world. Contains a huge amount of information and access to scripts and programme transcripts. There are job advertisements!
If you’re in radio in the UK then you are in The Radio Academy. This is the site for radio professionals and contains invaluable information and links.
This is the definitive site for radio acting. Contains complete scripts and extracts from productions. Many excellent worldwide links and a wealth of information.
A very interesting site with much to interest radio academics.
This is the place where UK voice-over jobs are advertised. The site is updated every Thursday morning. Contains a lot of news, information, and links.
The Spotlight publish the UK directory of Actors and Actresses and a number of other useful books. They also have a free career advisory service which can be contacted on 020 7437 7631. They might be able to tell you which Voice Agents are taking on new clients and they will certainly be able to tell you where to get a voice tape made.

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